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What kind of drug is Bicalutamide? Bicalutamide is used with another medication (gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonists; such as leuprolide or goserelin) to treat metastatic prostate cancer (cancer that started in the prostate and has spread to other parts of the body). Bicalutamide is in a class of medications called nonsteroidal antiandrogens.
Does hormone therapy stop prostate cancer from spreading? Hormone therapy is also called androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) or androgen suppression therapy. The goal is to reduce levels of male hormones, called androgens, in the body, or to stop them from affecting prostate cancer cells. But hormone therapy alone does not cure prostate cancer.
What is the success rate of radiation therapy for prostate cancer? Radiation Therapy 95% Effective for Prostate Cancer Men with localised prostate cancer who are treated with external-beam radiation therapy have a cure rate of 95.5% for intermediate-risk prostate cancer and 91.3% for high-risk prostate cancer. The 5-year survival rate using this treatment is 98.8% overall.
What is considered a high PSA level? In the past, most doctors considered PSA levels of 4.0 ng/mL and lower as normal. Therefore, if a man had a PSA level above 4.0 ng/mL, doctors would often recommend a prostate biopsy to determine whether prostate cancer was present. Prostate biopsies and prostate surgery also increase PSA level.
What is the best treatment for advanced prostate cancer? It is the first line of treatment for metastatic prostate cancer. In many patients, endocrine therapy provides temporary relief of symptoms of advanced prostate cancer. Docetaxel, when used with or without prednisone, was the first chemotherapy drug proven to help patients live longer with advanced prostate cancer.
What will happen if prostate cancer is left untreated? If left untreated, most cases of diagnosed prostate cancer will grow and possibly spread outside of the prostate to local tissues or distantly to other sites in the body. The first sites of spread are typically to the nearby tissues.
Can you get prostate cancer in your 30s? The vast majority of men with prostate cancer are over 50, and a significant majority are over the age of 65. However, there are cases of prostate cancer in men in their 20s and 30s, some of which have been very aggressive.
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