Trend hairstyles: great colors, cool cuts

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The elongated or narrow face looks very stretched due to its high forehead and elongated chin. It is taller than it is wide and has rather flat, long cheeks. A pony is very beneficial for narrow faces because it takes a bit of the length off the face. In general, any hairstyle that lies flat on the top of the head and creates additional volume on the side parts is suitable, thus balancing the proportions. You can find suitable hairstyles in our bob hairstyle trends, for example. In men, the chin area can be balanced with a beard or three-day beard.

The oval face is the ideal of all face shapes because it has a particularly balanced effect. The cheekbones are the widest part, they are in the middle of the face. From there, the face narrows evenly up and down. The areas around the chin and forehead are gently rounded. Most of the time, the lower half of the face is slightly longer than the upper half. Almost any hairstyle can be worn with this face shape. Get inspired by our buy lace wigs uk hairstyle trends.

25th place: When classic elegance meets trendy color, the result has trend potential: Just like with this hairstyle!
Trend hairstyles: great colors, cool cuts

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