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  1. Archaeologists and amateurs armed with metal detectors have discovered previous hoards from centuries past.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is set to improve the world for many — but others may lose out.
  3. Fires burning across Canada are already triggering U.S. air quality alerts in the Midwest and Plains.
  4. The massive statues likely depict rulers from the ancient Olmec civilization.
  5. A new study begins to unpack an understudied aspect of brain biology and Alzheimer's disease.
  6. Scientists have used a new technique to synthesize diamonds at normal, atmospheric pressure and without a starter gem, which could make the precious gemstones easier to grow in the lab.
  7. Scientists have used the gorilla genome to probe for previously unknown genes that may contribute to infertility in men.
  8. Warm seawater flowing into the glacier's underside could significantly accelerate the process of its collapse.
  9. This already affordable, powerful Newtonian reflector is now almost $230 off in this great telescope deal.
  10. Scientists have taken a big step toward making an effective HIV vaccine.