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  1. Lampreys belong to an ancient group of fish called Agnatha that evolved 450 million years ago, predating both dinosaurs and trees.
  2. The sun's outer atmosphere was captured at previously impossible extreme ultraviolet wavelengths thanks to a last-minute engineering hack.
  3. Here's how your brain might adjust to see color on another world.
  4. A landslide in northern Spain has helped unearth two Iron Age gold necklaces that were likely buried in a hoard about 2,500 years ago.
  5. The discovery of seemingly home-grown carbon dioxide suggests Europa's ice-covered ocean could be habitable.
  6. Archaeologists in Kazakhstan have discovered a hexagonal pyramid that served as a burial site in the Bronze Age.
  7. A team of astronomers has used a tricky technique to study an ancient galaxy previously lost in the glare of a blazing quasar.
  8. Analysis of the microscopic structure of an ancient shard of Roman glass has revealed how photonic crystals form, and might enable them to be grown.
  9. Pharmacogenomic, or PGx, tests predict how your genes might affect your response to medications. But they have their limitations.
  10. Astronomers have spotted a gigantic void they believe to be a baryon acoustic oscillation — a relic from when the universe was a fiery plasma soup.